Physics Major versus General Chemistry
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Physics Major versus General Chemistry

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18 Juin 2018 à 09:29

I've never taken a chemistry course before. Not even in high school. So this semester I decided to take general chemistry. Huge mistake. Of course, I didn't go into the class with the most optimistic mindset. The physics/chemistry hatred is ingrained in me. The material is easy, but I can't learn it. Why? Because all it is is memorization, at least the way the course is taught at my university. Ideas are presented with no derivation. Every lecture is basically, "here's a list of things you should know, and an arbitrary way of using these memorized facts." No structure, no theory, nothing but memorization and regurgitation. And I just can't learn that way. Luckily, I don't have to take the second semester of the course -- there are enough classes that I find more important to take in my last semester as a senior (Fourier series, differential equations, quantum, and an independent project which, results pending, has a real good chance of being publishable). Anyone else feel the same way?

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