New to the sport.. trying to get started
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New to the sport.. trying to get started

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22 Juin 2018 à 12:47

So i've been interested in flying and crazy stuff my whole life... I built an RC Sailplane with my dad when I was younger.. probably like 10 years old and I loved flying it. Now i'm just completing another RC Plane, but motorized this time... and i'm looking for a new project or hobby.I'd LOVE to get started with a parglider but i'm having the hardest time finding some concrete information on how to get started from scratch.It looks like a lot of the sites I visit sell just the parachute portion, but require you to have your own seat/harness thing with an engine and prop. I'm just really confused on what I need to buy to get up in the air, where to buy it, etc.I'd really like to make my own just because i'm more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy.. not because of funding. However, I'm not opposed to buying a completed frame at all... if it would be more safe or of design is crucial to some extent I have no issue buying a completed craft.

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