Aide Correction notion " Spaces and Exchanges"
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Aide Correction notion " Spaces and Exchanges"

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06 Mai 2018 à 16:49
Bonjour, j'ai terminer ma notion Espaces Et Echanges j'aimerais s'il vous plait si vous pourriez me la corriger s'il vous plait:

I’m going to talk about the notion of “Spaces and exchanges”. First, I would like to give a definition of the notion. A space can be geographic like a country, a place, a countries, or chronological through the time .Exchanges is an act of giving and receiving else in return .It can also be seen as continuous movement or circulation: they are different kinds of exchange: media people trade. For this we are going to base ourselves on the case of America. Then, we can ask: Does Immigration always bring benefits? First, in a part I will explain that immigration have many advantages and in another part the opposite.
First of all, immigration possesses many advantages and it’s for that which urged several million people to come to live in the USA since 1607. Indeed as we were able to see in the document that we studied in class entitling «A nation of Immigrants " write by Kennedy, immigrants migrate to the USA to avoid many problems which are political, religious and economic reasons. Thus Immigration has the advantage to being able to find a quiet life and America is described with the idea of "The American dream" as a possible refuge, a land free from corruption and a wealthy country. Moreover, immigration brings benefits about dreams. Effectively, based on an iconographic document that we studied in class which represents 5 Americans and 1 immigrant. Those Americans which wear rich coats with fur shows that they have succeed and their shadows represents their men’s social origins that is when they arrived as immigrants. So, immigration can make you succeed in life and make our dream come true. But this power of immigration indeed hides several disadvantages which continue even today for some.
Finally, Immigration doesn’t always bring benefits. Indeed, come in a new country can possess many disadvantages. In America, that is the case of the Indians which underwent a lot of violence. The white-Indian relations deteriorated in the daytime in days and several factors have accelerated their extermination as the period of the gold rush for example. We can see this with a cartoon that we studied in class drawn by Donald Reilly which represent a puritan with an Indian. This cynical cartoon shows the paradox between what the puritans says which is: “We’re here to escape religious persecution. What are you here for?” whereas that’s them who killed the Indians and denied their rights. This shows how the WASP were intolerant to the other groups. Also, Sheridan's quotation which is " The only good Indian is has dead Indian " shows that many Indians were killed in spite of they were people who welcomed the immigrants. Then, Immigration wasn’t benefits for black people. Indeed according to the document that we studied in class entitled " The blacks: old and new struggle ", the blacks underwent a big period of slavery since 1619 until 1865. Nevertheless, the segregation of the blacks is always present at the level of several domains and all the people are not equal. Even today, the violence between whites and blacks is present in particular with the police / young problems.
In conclusion, on one hand immigration possesses many advantages to attract many immigrants to the territory which became powerful due to the other problems present on the other places. It offered many things as the freedom, work and success. Nevertheless, the American dream in America turned in a nightmare for some groups because of the diversity of the groups which some people didn’t like.

Merci pour ceux qui l'auront lu Smile
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07 Mai 2018 à 09:48
salut Smanour, si tu cherches de l'aide pour tes devoirs, rends-toi sur notre site d'aide aux devoirs : Bon courage Smile

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