Sujet du bac S d'anglais LV2 2015 Métropole

Sujet du bac S d'anglais LV2 2015 Métropole

Nous vous invitons à découvrir le sujet du bac S d'anglais 2015. Ce sujet est en deux parties. La première est un exercice de compréhension de l'écrit et la seconde  partie est une expression écrite.

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Sujet du bac S d'anglais LV2 2015 Métropole

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The Great Motivator. Better known as Jack Ballentine. If you’ve been alive and cognizant for the past twenty years, you’ve undoubtedly read all about the Jack Ballentine story. How he grew up as a steelworker’s son in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, discovered a talent for football in high school, won a full scholarship to Michigan State, became the most

5 renowned college quarterback1 of the mid-sixties, then led the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories during his high-profile professional career. [...]

Everyone expected Ballentine to end up as an archetypal screwed-up jock2, someone who, upon retiring from the NFL3, would blow most of his fortune on nose candy, rapacious women, and bad investments. Instead, he surprised the world by moving to New York in 1975

10 and becoming a self-styled real-estate developer. The cynics laughed – and predicted he’d be in bankruptcy court within twelve months. [...]

But Ballentine being Ballentine, he wasn’t satisfied with the humdrum role of multimillionaire developer. Rather, he had to transform himself into the Master Builder – Mr. High-rise, who, during the height of the Reaganomics4, imprinted his very own stamp on

15 the Manhattan cityscape. Big buildings. Big deals. [...] A man who sold himself to the public as the great entrepreneurial patriot of his time: Capitalism’s Great Quarterback. [...]

Then, in 1991, it finally all went wrong. A casino deal in Atlantic City fell apart. A huge high-rise development in Battery Park City spiraled way over budget. Ballentine’s corporate cash flow dried up. He was $200 million in debt. His bankers decided that he was

20 no longer worth the gamble. So they pulled the plug. And the Ballentine building empire crashed and burned.

It was a widely publicized downfall. And the public loved it. To many people, there was something satisfying about watching the Waterloo of such towering testament to self- admiration. We may worship success in America, but we are also riveted by failure.

Douglas Kennedy, The Job, 1998 

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