Sujet bac S Anglais LV1 - Washington 2015

Sujet bac S Anglais LV1 - Washington 2015

Téléchargez gratuitement le sujet du bac S d'anglais LV1 de Washington, tombé en 2015. Ce sujet est idéal pour vous entrainer en vue des épreuves qui approchent. 

Dans ce sujet d'anglais vous devrez traiter deux parties. La première partie est un exercice de compréhension de l'écrit et la seconde est composée de plusieurs expressions écrites. 

Téléchargez gratuitement le sujet bac S anglais LV1 - Washington 2015

Sujet bac S Anglais LV1 - Washington 2015

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Joyce Carol Oates, Big Mouth and Ugly Girl, 2002

Can you help solve a murder in Newcastle?

Suzie is proud of her foster son, Ben. Though shy and withdrawn, he settled well into the family, got a couple of A-levels, then a job in a cycle shop, gaining full independence when he found himself a room in a shared house in Heaton. Now Ben is dead. Discovered by his foster mother in his own locked room, slumped over his computer; his skull is smashed. There is blood everywhere, spattered on the ceiling and on the floor and the wall behind his desk.

A sad story of a promising life cut cruelly short. But thankfully, this particular case is a fictional scenario, dreamt up by Vera and Shetland creator,Ann Cleeves. It represents a brilliant chance for crime readers, amateur science buffs and aspiring writers to take a peek behind the scenes and discover how a crime can be solved with the help and guidance of real-life scientists and police investigators.

Crime Story is a brand new festival from New Writing North and Northumbria University, Newcastle. Taking place this weekend, the event will bring crime writers together with experts in crime scene analysis, digital forensics, criminology, forensic pathology, and the criminal justice system to solve Ben’s murder.

Some ask does it really matter if the science and investigative procedure is right in fiction – surely, we’re making stuff up? My view is that the pact between reader and writer is one of trust: the reader promises to immerse herself in the story, and the writer promises to tell the truth about that story. But if the reader sees obvious untruths – mistakes, and errors of fact being two cardinal and unforgivable kinds of untruth – then the pact between writer and reader has been broken. Trust is lost; the reader feels cheated – insulted even – by the writer’s ignorance and laziness. So, if you want your book to be read, then yes, it matters.



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