Correction bac S anglais LV1 - Pondichéry 2015

Correction bac S anglais LV1 - Pondichéry 2015

Découvrez la correction du bac 2015 d'anglais LV1 de Pondichéry. Cette correction, écrite par un professeur d'anglais, est téléchargeable gratuitement.

Dans un premier temps, notre professeur a corrigé pour vous les 11 questions de la partie compréhension de l'écrit. Ensuite, vous trouverez les corrections des 2 sujets d'expresion écrite du bac S 2015 "Leaving home can be scary but it’s a necessary step towards growing up." et "Gaia writes to her father about living in Pagford. Imagine the letter / email.".

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Correction bac S anglais LV1 - Pondichéry 2015
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1. Gaia feels terrible about moving from London to Pagford. She is very disappointed, as we can see l1-2 ''The move to Pagford had been the worst thing that had ever happened to Gaia Bawden'' (l1-2) In the following sentence, she even compares moving to Pagford to a couple of previous domestic disasters ''She had thought it one of Kay's mad ideas, like the two chickens she had bought for their tiny back garden in Hackney (killed by a fox a week after purchase), or deciding to ruin half their saucepans and permanently scar her own hand by making marmalade, when she hardly ever cooked'' (l5-9)

2. Gaia associates London with ''friends'' (l10), home (''house'' l10) and ''fun weekends'' (l11-12), and Pagford with ''cobbled streets'' (l13), ''no shops open after 6'' (l14), ''communal life'' (l14), ''church'' (l15) and ''nature'' (l15)

3. Since their move from London, the relationship between Gaia and her mother has evolved from a close one, where they "had clung tightly to each other" (l17) into a cold and hostile relationship. When Gaia looks at her mother she "[sees] nothing but an enemy" (l2 

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An excellant correction writen by a super competant teacher! Congratulations! I have copied it and I have received 20 on 20.

par - le 12/05/2015

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